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Kiinko Real Estate Education offers vocational adult education and training in areas relating to asset, property and facilities management, business and maintenance in Finland.

Who we are?

Kiinko in the only vocational further education provider in Finland specialising in real estate education.  Kiinko was founded in 1978 by Finland’s main real estate associations, and these associations are still our owners today. Through the owners and our institutional partners Kiinko has close ties with the Finnish real estate and construction business. Besides the connections to the world of business and institutions we have close cooperation with universities and other research institutions mainly in Finland and Baltic countries but also internationally.

Personnel cover 35 in-house employees and 400 external training expertise on a yearly basis. The qualifications of the top specialist partners cover legal, asset, administration and technical issues pertaining to the life cycle and all aspects of the property business.

What do we offer?

Kiinko’s services include a comprehensive offering of innovative training activities under six thematic real estate education areas. Thematic areas include

1)  Real estate business, asset, property and facilities management and leaderships  (Business Director Eeva Säynäjoki)

2)  Building owners and construction clients (Business Director Anu Karvonen)

3)  Real Estate agent (Business Director Eeva Säynäjoki)

4)  Accounting and controller (Business Director Eeva Säynäjoki)

5)  Property management  including infrastructure, housing, commercial buildings (Business Director Katja Haarma)

6)  Construction project management, maintenance, repairs, renovation and energy efficiency related projects (Business Director Katja Haarma)

Specialisation studies and other continuing education can be completed alongside normal work. Training suit everyone who wants to improve or deepen their profession, develop themselves in general, plan to change their profession or want to otherwise expand their knowledge to new fields. Participants can add to the skills they need in working life or update their knowledge that has been acquired through an earlier degree. 

Kiinko’s provision of training products consists of various short-term precision training opportunities to supplement and update the skills of people already working in the industry. This type of training may only take a few days, weeks, or months. Precious training is a particularly good way for people already fully employed to update and further educate their skills.

In addition to the commercial continuing real estate training, seminars, briefings, conferences and side events, Kiinko also offers public vocational training services which lead to certification. These training courses typically take one to two years consisting of couple of days live training sessions per months along with the preparatory learning and other online work components.

Qualifications and Certification

Kiinko allows the individual employed in real estate sector to work towards nationally recognised Further Qualifications. The most popular ones are the Further Qualifications for Property Manager and Estate Agency Services, as well as training leading to Specialist Qualification in Management. All these training are under governance of the Finnish National Board of Education.

Kiinko’s other branded and trademark registered training include courses such as PGP (Post Graduate Programme in asset, property and facilities management),  AIT® (Advanced Training and Qualification for Property Managers), ITS®-TEK II (Training and Qualification for Technical Property Managers), KPT I® and KPT II®  (Training and Advanced Training and Qualification in Real Estate Accounting) and many more.


Since the beginning Kiinko’s mission has been to support the Finnish real estate and construction industry by providing top quality courses and education programmes for professionals involved in all aspects of the property business. We work for empowering real estate professionals to further develop their knowledge and skills. We are dedicated to motivate, inspire, and drive our customers to perform successfully in their jobs.

Kiinko operates nation-wide offering live training sessions in most big cities in Finland. In addition to that we provide webinars for a variety of purposes, including information sharing, remote training, group and one-to-one meetings. Webinars offer the convenience of online training with the comfort of staying wherever you like – at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.

The owners and institutional partners 

The owners are:

  • The Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF)
  • The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients (RAKLI)
  • Finnish Real Estate Management Federation (FREMF)
  • The Real Estate Federation Uusimaa
  • The Real Estate Employers
  • The Finnish Association of Real Estate Agents (SKVL)
  • The Swedish Real Estate Association in Helsinki

The institutional partners are:

  • Finnish Facility Management Association (FIFMA)
  • Property Valuation Board of the Central Chamber of Commerce
  • KTI Property Information Ltd
  • The Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies (KVKL)
  • FISE Qualification of Professionals in Building, HVAC and Real Estate Sector in Finland
  • Green building council, GBC Finland
  • The Finnish Association for Real Estate Valuation (SKAY)
  • Authorized Real Estate Valuers (AKA)

RE FINLAND The Finnish Real Estate Summit

Kiinko’s RE Finland (formerly The Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects) is the biggest event for the Finnish real estate business. The topics of the one and a half day seminar range from investment and financing to construction and services. RE Finland combines current issues and interesting presentations with efficient networking in a relaxed athmosphere. It is all about the challenges, fresh solutions and finding guidelines to the future.

Since 1995 it has gathered together executive and expert level players from institutional investors, property companies, banks, private foundations, developers, management companies, law firms, end-users, service providers… practically everyone in business in Finland. RE Finland is hold every November.

During the past decade we have been building also an international side track to our event inviting real estate professional from Scandinavia, Russia, Baltic Countries and Europe in general. 

For more information, please visit at:

Kiinko Real Estate Academy - EMBA

Kiinko Real Estate Academy has launched, together with University of Tampere, a new Executive Master of Business Administration Real Estate and Construction (EMBA) in 2016.  The Program brings industry leaders and real estate professionals together to explore real-world scenarios, best practices, effective leadership techniques for competing successfully in today's dynamic real estate markets.

The program is designed for executives and senior managers with substantial long-term experience in real estate and construction organisations, including managing directors, as well as area, real estate and project directors. It also benefits chief architecs, lawyers, workplace, CRM, HR, fund and real estate development managers and directors.  EMBA programs can be completed in 2,5-3 years and are designed so participants can earn their degree while continuing to work. All courses are taught in Finnish.

The EMBA program might best be described as a kind of specialised executive MBA program customised for the needs of the real estate and construction industry. The course content concentrates on three aspects of leadership from the viewpoint of 1) real estate business and strategic thinking, 2) organisational and people leadership skills, and 3) personal and individual leadership skills development. For further details on course content and application for admission, please see our study brochure or contact CEO Jarno Tuimala.  

International development projects

Kiinko has participated in various international development projects with partners throughout the Europe. These kinds of projects together with other international cooperation support Kiinko’s globalization strategy. The strategy include aims such as, developing the quality of education in real estate field, adding value to Kiinko as a nationwide educator of real estate, improving the international resources of students, and starting the highly valued EMBA-degree of this field together with national  experts.

Kiinko is constantly strengthening it’s meaningful partnerships with local and regional counterparts as well as building international capacity and capability that is sustainable appropriate. In selecting new partnerships we measure whether the partner adds value to our quest in fulfilling strategic goals as well as the scope of collaboration and how well our fields of education and expertise are represented

Development projects play an important role in fulfilling the organisation's strategy of sustainable development, teaching innovation, diversity in teaching methods, and interdisciplinary studies. All these make Kiinko to maintain to be the first choice for anyone wishing to improve their real estate and property management skills in Finland.

 For more information, please contact Chief of Development (R&D) Virpi Slotte.

Energy efficiency education

Kiinko is interested in developing the training activities towards sustainable real estate education. Background for these activities derives from our experiences in acting as a legal representative of Ministry of the Environment to verify the qualifications for energy certificate for buildings since the certificate was established. The qualifications are currently awarded by FISE (Qualification of Professionals in Building, HVAC and Real Estate Sector in Finland). Kiinko provides training for all those who want to be qualified to issue energy certificate for buildings.

In addition to Certified Author of Energy Certificate, Kiinko arranges examinations for Certified Condition Controller of Buildings and Certified Condition Controller of Housing. Energy efficiency issues common to the business sector are also included in dozens of other professional certification programmes, such as Facility Manager, Technical Property Manager, Workplace Manager, Senior Real Estate Agent.

Co2olBricks - Climate Change and Cultural Heritage

Kiinko participated as the only Finnish partner in the Co2ol Bricks - Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments during the years of 2010 -2013. The project consisted of 18 partners from 9 countries with 9 languages who worked together with a total budget of €4.3 Million.

The project thematised the important contents in the field of heritage conservation: How to reduce the energy consumption of historical brick buildings without destroying their cultural value and identity. Every country in the Baltic Sea Region and Europe has to face these issues and is looking for solutions.

The Co2olBricks project produced several publications and working documents for different purposes and with different target groups. The Policy Paper and the Joint Declaration are a focal point and a distillate of all activities during the projects period.  Most of the publications are still in 2016 downloadable at: . Contact person in Kiinko: Project Lead Virpi Slotte

For more information, please do not hesitate to ask: 

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