Fields of know-how

Competence is a competitive asset

In Kiinko’s trainings it is possible to get further vocational qualifications or competency training as well as additional training or continuing professional education. We also tailor company-specific trainings according to strategic objectives.

Property management and housing

The whole real estate management sector is in transition, ranging from legislation to energy management. The trainings we offer are based on information which is applicable in practice all the way from the latest digital solutions to legal changes. We offer trainings to novices as well as seasoned professionals.

Financial management of real estate

Laws and regulations are in a central role in financial management tasks. The trainings of Kiinko make the latest changes in legislation and their effect on the industry clearly visible. Targeted trainings and various degrees in e.g. accounting and recovery measures take the know-how of the trainees to a new level.

Real estate business

Kiinko’s trainings are the key for success in the real estate business. Even the seasoned experts benefit from our trainings, in which the private and public-sector developments and e.g. different business solutions and financial models become familiar.

Real estate brokerage

A real estate agent must be a jack-of-all-trades. In Kiinko’s trainings the trainees assimilate information of various areas all the way from legal matters to sales work and digital media. In addition to reaching the clients, new marketing channels and development of personal brands become familiar.

Technical maintenance and Real estate services

With the help of Kiinko’s professionals, the trainees will gain a deep understanding of modern technology. The trainings utilise the opportunities of intelligent systems in teaching the capabilities to tackle the challenges caused by modern renovation building, information security or indoor air.

Construction contracting, Construction, Technical building services (HVAC) and infrastructures

Both the employers and the subscribers appreciate Kiinko’s trainings. Useful practical tips support the routines and trainings broaden viewpoints to cover the entire property development sector. Trainings are available for various competency needs in the fields of new construction, renovation building or infrastructure, among others.

Management and managerial work

The managers of the real estate and construction industry meet each other in our leadership trainings. Our offering covers trainings up to the Executive MBA programme. Extensive discussions with the industry experts broaden perspectives. The latest tools for executives reinforce the human resource management skills as well as strategic and business competence of managers.