Future Spaces 2020

3.6.2020 - 4.6.2020
Clarion Hotel Helsinki


The objective of the event is to cover a variety of future trends connected with developed environment, concerning both people and innovations.

Key themes of the event in 2020 will be announced soon.


The event is intended for both private and public sector, representing all areas of construction industry and real estate business.

Aikataulu ja ohjelma

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Future Spaces03.06.202004.06.2020Helsinki


Eeva Säynäjoki

050 408 6126

Leena Lampén

0400 127 306


Veroton hinta 695,00€
+ ALV alv. 24%

Hinnan lisätiedot

There are three ways for you to participate in the event

Option 1: only on 3 June 2020, price 500,40 euros + VAT 24 %. NOTE please use discount code PART3JUNE when registering (page 2).

Option 2: both on 3 and 4 June 2020, price 695 euros + VAT 24 %.

Option 3: only on 4 June 2020, price 396,15 euros + VAT 24 %. NOTE please use discount code PART4JUNE when registering (page 2).

The price includes tuition, lecture notes in electronic form, and refreshments as announced in the programme. The Get-together on 3 June at Clarion Hotel Helsinki is included in the price in options 1 and 2.


No refunds for cancellations.